Thursday, August 9, 2007

Its ironic that a Martial Artist's lifelong journey of physical, mental and spiritual evolvement travels down a path to eventual emptiness. As one begins their journey they are so eager to learn so many techniques and moves and almost become bondaged to forms and movements within their mind.
The Martial Artist should through time come to realise that ther is more in less, meaning the human mind should become completely void of thought in combat and when opportunities arise the body reacts by itself with no thought it becomes a natural reaction to my opponents movement. If my opponent expands I contract and when he contracts I expand. It is the freeing of the soul in combat to choose its destiny.
Its funny to see some people getting caught up in mundane matters of technique and arguing points of the foot should be exactly in this position while performing this technique or the hand should be over here while moving this way etc.
Please try to remember that Martial Arts is alive and flowing freely with no restrictions on expressing the human body while in combat.
The human body doesnt know styles it only knows what works and what doesnt through trial and error
Dont forget to empty your mind in training and let the energy flow freely through your Martial journey and by doing so you come closer to complete freedom
Warrior for Life
Moustapha Omar El-Sheikh